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Board of Trustees

Position First Last  Email
BOT Chair and Annual Giving Chair Julie Buechler [email protected]
BOT Vice-Chair and At Large Andy Pollin [email protected].com
Annual Giving Vice Chair Hazel Bentinck [email protected]
Endowment Chair Tom Powell [email protected]
Endowment Vice-Chair Stephanie Walker [email protected]
Parent Volunteer Team Chair Katrina Stainton [email protected]
Parent Volunteer Team Vice Chair Amy Jones [email protected]
Communications Chair Lea Park [email protected]
Communications Vice Chair Beth Vincik [email protected]
Finance Chair Kristin Moss [email protected]
Finance Vice Chair Kyri Van Hoose [email protected]
Secretary/Parliamentarian Bob Willingham [email protected]
At Large Stephanie Smith [email protected]
Non-Voting Positions
Development Director Barbara Edwards [email protected]
Superintendent Ex-Officio David Jaffe [email protected]
School Board Representative Ex-Officio Marti Ritto [email protected]
RSFEF Funding Manager Allison Oppeltz [email protected]
Phone: 858-756-1141