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Students master the principles of robotics as they learn to build and program autonomous robots. They examine the mechanical and programming aspects using LEGO Education’s We-Do, NXT, EV3 and Tetrix kits. Students learn how to program their robots using software developed by National Instruments as they progress from 1st – 8th grade. Curriculum materials developed by the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon enable students to learn at their own pace. Advanced students build more powerful robots made with metal components and programmed with more sophisticated languages.

Robotics at R. Roger Rowe are an integral part of our school’s STEM Initiatives. For more information and to view the event calendars, click on a grade level.

Junior FLL Robotics —Grades 1-3: Using LEGO ‘We-Do’ kits, 1st grade students learn the basic principles of simple machines and use these principles to discover how to build simple mechanisms. In addition, they learn the basic principles of computer programming. 2nd graders also use simple machines to delve into more complex mechanisms and programming concepts. As students advance, 3rd graders learn how to calculate gear ratios and determine the mechanical advantage of simple machines. Many of the 1st-3rd grade students choose to enter the First LEGO League Junior Expo at LEGOLAND where they present their models and posters to a panel of judges.

FLL Intro Robotics—Grades 4-5: Students learn to program NXT and EV3 robots using a variety of sensors (color, sound, touch, ultrasonic, gyroscopic, etc.). This introductory First Lego League Program helps prepare students for our FLL program the following year. Students follow along on a self-paced video trainer and receive challenges by the instructor to perform and master before moving on to the next programming challenge.

FLL Robotics—Grades 5-7: Student teams enter the First LEGO League Contest where they design, build, and program autonomous robots to accomplish a number of missions on a game table based on the current year’s challenge. Students, along with their coaches and mentors, develop a sense of teamwork and camaraderie as they hone both their robotic and presentation skills in a competitive environment.

FTC Robotics—Grades 7-8: The First Tech Challenge (FTC) program delves into more advanced engineering and programming concepts. Students are challenged to design robots using metal components, along with a variety of sensors, to compete in a 12’ by 12’ arena. During the contest, robots compete in both “autonomous” and “driver controlled” modes using a game pad. They must work cooperatively and competitively as they are paired up with other teams to accomplish the tasks set before them.

The dedication and effort put forth by our parent volunteers is the key to our program’s success. Volunteers work with coaches and students/teams after school and on weekends as well as attending competitions!

Please click here to view the robotics calendars.

Phone: 858-756-1141