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Annual District Grant

Annually, the District requests a grant from the RSFEF to meet its Fiscal Year Operating Budget. Discussions begin in the Spring for the following school year and the amount is determined by mutual agreement with the District based on projections on budget, public funding sources, and the resulting shortfall. The District Grant is met by funds raised through the Annual Giving Campaign which includes annual and multi-year commitments from District families.

Scholars’ Circle – multi-year commitments

Long-term planning for faculty and special programs is only possible because of the funding commitment provided by our Scholars’ Circle members. Having revenue visibility beyond a 12-month horizon allows the District to attract the best staff and invest in programs with confidence in their potential longevity. Scholars’ Circle families contribute $35,000 – $100,000 or more, usually over 1-5 years. For more information please contact our Scholars’ Circle Coordinators Kate Butler and Julie Guillory.