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R. Roger Rowe School has a long-standing history of a strong athletics program that I am proud to be a part of. Any student in grades 5-8 that is interested in participating in athletics is encouraged to do so. Each year we offer a variety of individual and team sports. All student-athletes are expected to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of individual athletic excellence while maintaining good standing in both academic and behavioral policies. In addition to developing students’ athletic skills, coaches will focus on instilling the district’s core values and strong character.

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Guidelines and Expectations


Please use the following as a guide to the Rancho Santa Fe Athletics Program. After reviewing the guide, feel free to contact a member of the Athletics Department with any further questions.


Rancho Santa Fe School District’s athletic programs are available to all students who demonstrate an interest in participating in athletics. Student athletes will dedicate themselves to the pursuit of individual athletic excellence while maintaining a good standing in both academic and behavioral policies. In addition to developing students’ athletic skills, coaches will focus on instilling the district’s core values and strong character. The administration, parents, coaches, and players will embrace healthy, age-­‐ appropriate competition with an emphasis on teamwork, responsibility, initiative, perseverance, respect, honesty, fair play and winning.


Rancho Santa Fe School District’s athletic programs strive to promote and develop the district’s values within student-­‐athletes.

Members of the Rancho Santa Fe School District:

  • Are committed to learning through active participation in an engaging, inspiring, and rigorous educational
  • Are a caring community that promotes mutual respect,interdependence, global awareness and service
  • Have exceptional character and are personally responsible, accountable, and aware of our impact on

In addition to upholding the Athletic Mission and Values of the district, the Athletic Department also focuses on building the following values within student athletes:

  • Athleticism
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Leadership
  • Team work
  • Commitment
  • Work ethic
  • Focus
  • Self-­‐discipline


Athletes and their parents represent our school and community and demonstrate pride by honoring the Athletic Code of Conduct.

  1. Players and parents will demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship by:
    • Showing respect for self, opponents, officials, coaches, teammates and
    • Showing respect for the rules of the contest and judgment of game
    • Exercising self-­control at all times
    • Refraining from the use of foul and/or abusive language at all times
    • Winning with character; losing with dignity and humility
  1. Rancho Santa Fe student/athletes are expected to successfully manage their academic and social Players will maintain good academic standing with a minimum 2.5 Grade Point Average and a minimum grade of “S” in citizenship. The Athletic Director will notify students and parents of the student’s ineligibility status.
  1. Players will display good character in class, on the playground, and at practices and games. Players may be removed from practice and/or games due to improper conduct as determined by coaches, teachers and/or
  1. In order to participate in practices and games, players must be at school for the majority of the school Absences must be reported to the Athletic Director before noon on game days and coaches will use their discretion to determine playing time concerning said absences.
  1. Student-­‐athletes are expected to participate in all practices and attend all games unless sick or Please take your child’s after-­‐school schedule into account when signing up for an RSF Athletic team. Please contact the Athletic Director via email if you child will be missing practice or a game.
  1. Student-­‐athletes may participate in one school sport per trimester
  1. Players will be equipped and wear appropriate attire while attending practices and games, or they will not be allowed to participate that Required attire includes school appropriate shorts, shirts and shoes. Game day attire includes Rancho Santa Fe team uniform, appropriate footwear, and any other items deemed necessary by the coach.
  1. Players should discuss any issues or concerns with their coach after practices and games prior to parental If necessary, parents and players will meet jointly with a coach to resolve problems during a scheduled appointment. If a situation is not resolved with the coach, then parents may meet with the Athletic Director and the Assistant Principal.

Players, parents, and coaches are expected to uphold the Rancho Santa Fe School District’s Athletic Code of Conduct. In the event that an athlete breaks the Athletic Code of Conduct, disciplinary action will be taken. Consequences may include loss of playing time, suspension from practice and/or games, and dismissal from team. Parents who are not conducting themselves in an appropriate manner may be asked to leave or not to attend practices and/or games.


In keeping with the school’s commitment to enhance the scholar athlete within each student, RSF employs a “no cut” policy. Rancho Santa Fe School District does not exclude students from participating on a team due to lack of experience and/or ability. The school provides teams to meet every ability level. Teams are coached and provided competitive opportunities reflecting the team’s experience and athleticism.

*While RSF has a no-­cut policy, student-­athletes are expected to attend all practices and games unless sick or injured. Please take your child’s after-­‐school schedule into account when signing up for an RSF Athletic team.


Independent Study Physical Education is an alternative opportunity to receive P.E. credit. Students work independently in an organized physical program under the supervision of an instructor/coach and monitored by the Athletic Director. Examples include club sports, martial arts, and equestrian. Upon approval, students must complete a written agreement and document their progress throughout each trimester. Credit for I.S.P.E is based on the time and value of the student’s work product, as determined by the Athletic Director. 

John Galipault

John Galipault

Athletics Director

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Mailing: P.O. Box 809 
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Julie Green

Julie Green

Physical Education

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Dave McClurg

Physical Education