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Fifth Grade

5th Highlights

Philanthropy: Underprivileged Children

 Through studying the conditions in which underprivileged children around the world live, students learn about and discuss ways to help.

Biz Town

After weeks of preparation, students journey to the McGrath Family BizTown at Junior Achievement, where they perform real-world work simulations writing checks, managing costs, paying taxes, and being philanthropic.

Scripps Ocean Partnership: Floating Lab

Working with marine biologists, students gather living samples from the bay, making predictions, and answering questions about how their lives connect to local ocean habitats.

Walk through the American Revolution

This living history experience places the kids back in revolutionary times dressed in period clothing while learning about the birth of our nation.

State Float Parade

Students use this opportunity to showcase their research about a chosen state, allows kids to teach one another civics and develop an appreciation for the vast geographic and demographic diversity their country enjoys.


Growth and Development Education

 Fifth Grade - Growth and Development Education 




April Block
April Block, Fifth Grade Teacher
Kristin Gerding
Kristin Gerdin, Fifth Grade Teacher
Jessica Henke, 5th Grade
Jessica Henka, Fifth Grade Teacher
April Goodspeed, 5th Grade
April Goodspeed, Fifth Grade Teacher