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First Grade

1st Highlights

Scripps Ocean Partnership: Rocky Seashore

As a continuation of their study of the tide pool habitat and its animals, students visit the rocky seashore to study the creatures up close.

Avian Life-Cycle Studies

As part of a scientific writing unit, first grade classes hatch ducklings in their classrooms. Students learn about many kinds of animals and their offspring, and they study the behavior and development of the ducklings in this hands-on writing unit!

Field Study: The Flower Fields

First graders visit the Flower Fields in Carlsbad to learn about plant life cycles, symbiotic relationships between plants and animals, and protecting the earth’s natural resources. Each student gets to plant their own seed to take home with them.

Audio Books Authoring

Students work in groups to do research on a topic of their choice. They then organize their information into sub-topics and create audio books to present their information.

Mission 120

To celebrate the 120th day of school (120 is an important number in first grade math standards), the first graders become “secret agents” and solve a math mystery! They collect clues and use the math skills they have developed throughout the year to crack the case!

Philanthropy: Senior Citizen Appreciation

In first grade we reach out to the elderly in our community in order to show students how much joy is brought to others through art. The first graders will make a place mat for a senior center to decorate their meal tables, they will decorate a picture frame for the elderly to enjoy in their rooms, and this year the first graders hope to visit the rest home to sing patriot songs to the seniors. First graders are spreading joy and love through their service!

Joy Mendoza
Joy Mendoza, First Grade Teacher
Angelina Isambert
Angelina Isambert, First Grade Teacher
Kimberly Kased, 1st Grade
Kimberly Kased, First Grade Teacher