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Fourth Grade

4th Highlights

Marching Through California History

During the year, fourth graders become experts on California and its exciting history. They learn about California’s early statehood and get to take on the roles of pioneers and gold miners moving west!

Become a Kelp Forest Expert at Birch Aquarium

Did you know that roughly 70% of Earth’s oxygen is produced by marine algae? 4th grade students learn the importance of the Kelp Forest habitat by investigating its animal inhabitants, dissecting a fish, and discussing ways to protect this precious resource.

Philanthropy: Focus on Military

The 4th grade focuses on helping veterans and military families within San Diego County. They write letters, make banners, and create other decorations to show their appreciation and support.  4th graders host various fundraisers to raise money and supplies for our veterans.

Field Study: CA Mission Study

Fourth Graders enhance their study of the California mission system by taking a field trip to the beautiful and historic San Juan Capistrano Mission. Students get a hands-on experience of daily mission life.

Haley Cameron
Haley Cameron, Fourth Grade Teacher
Jen Overstreet
Jen Overstreet, Fourth Grade Teacher
Mandy Valentine
Mandy Valentine, Fourth Grade Teacher
Allison Munson, 4th Grade
Allison Munson, Fourth Grade Teacher