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Robotics: Jr. FLL (Grades 1-3)

Are you looking for a fun and educational after school class for your child? We have just what you need! Our after school robotics class offers a unique blend of engineering and programming skills, coupled with teamwork and friendly competition. This is an after school class for students in first through fourth grade. No prior experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome! If you would like to register your child for this class, then bookmark the following link for your child’s grade level and be prepared to register online, September 6th at noon when the link becomes live.
This program is offered on a first come, first served basis. Registering your child will time stamp your registration. When class capacity is reached your child will be placed on a wait list. A follow up email will be sent to all families who register online informing families of their registration status within 48 hours.
1st through 3rd grade Coordinator: Jennifer Olson

Jr. FLL is the foundation for learning basic programming and building skills for robotics.  The students begin in 1st grade by learning about simple machines and by 3rd grade they apply their skills in real world applications and problem solving.  These are traits that will help to prepare students for the rigor and team competitions of the 4th-8th grade robotics program.  Students utilize graphical programming through Lego WeDo and teachers lead the students through established curriculum.

Junior FLL Robotics —Grades 1-3: Using LEGO ‘WeDo’ kits, 1st grade students learn the basic principles of simple machines and use these principles to discover how to build simple mechanisms. In addition, they learn the basic principles of computer programming. 2nd graders also use simple machines to delve into more complex mechanisms and programming concepts. As students advance, 3rd graders learn how to calculate gear ratios and determine the mechanical advantage of simple machines.  The 3rd grade will be utilizing WeDo 2.0 which enables students and teachers to advance in programming applications. In Winter the 3rd grade students, led by parent coaches and supported by the 3rd grade robotics coach, will enter the First LEGO League Junior Expo at LEGOLAND where they present their models and posters to a panel of judges.  The 1st and 2nd graders will present their own project and poster at the Open House celebration in March.

The dedication and effort put forth by our parent volunteers is the key to our program’s success. Volunteers work with coaches and students/teams after school and on weekends as well as attending competitions! To volunteer, please contact us below!

In addition to our after school robotics programs, the school offers a year-long FTC elective course and a trimester FLL enrichment for our middle school students. They are exposed to a variety of programming languages and confronted with a number of challenges.

Summer camps are offered to students of various abilities. The camp atmosphere allows students to focus and hone their robotic skills in an exciting environment which concludes with friendly competitions.

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