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Lunch Clubs

What clubs do
Started by Principal Kim Pinkerton in 2010, the lunch clubs program allows students to learn, to grow, and to flourish in an environment that is both comfortable and nurturing, as they are run by our teachers and parent volunteers.

•Reinforce academic skills
•Engage students in activities that develop excitement and purpose for their learning
•Provide hands on activities in a relaxed environment
•Encourage a sense of belonging in the learning community
•Boost confidence and curiosity
•Help students explore their potential

Club Schedule
Coming soon!

2016-2017 Lunch Club Session Dates

Session 1: October 20 – December 19
Session 2: January 12 – March 13
Session 3: March 23 – May 22

K-5 Lunch Clubs Signup:
MS Lunch Clubs Signup:

Phone: 858-756-1141