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Flag Football

Flag Football (Grades 5-8) Co-ed

Tryouts for middle school football teams will begin on the first day of school: Monday August 27th, 2018 and run through Friday, August 31st, 2018. Tryouts on Monday through Thursday will be held from 2:20-3:30pm.  Student-athletes will be placed on teams and rosters based on ability level, experience, level of commitment, and availability of specific positions.  Please have your child bring the appropriate gear each day:  athletic shorts, t-shirt, turf shoes (or sneakers), mouth guard, and a reusable water bottle.  The Flag Football season runs from August 27th to November 16th.  Follow your student-athlete’s Canvas account for game and practice schedule.  Subscribe to see all four teams’ schedules if you wish here.

Varsity Team

  • Practice times are Monday-Thursday from 2:20-3:45pm and 2:20-3:00pm on Fridays.

Blue Team

  • Practice times are Monday-Friday from 2:20-3:00pm.  (shorter practice time compared to Red team because of fewer student-athletes than Red team, so Blue team gets more repetitions)

Red Team

  • Practice times are Monday-Thursday from 2:20-3:30pm and 2:20-3:00pm on Fridays. (extended practice time compared to Blue team because of the increased number of student-athletes compared to Blue team and more time is needed for more repetitions)

5th Grade Team

  • Practice times are Monday at 8:00-9:00am, Thursday and Friday from 7:00-7:50am.