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RSF Online

This page was designed to help our families to access some excellent resources to supplement the online learning provided by each teacher.   This is a time to read books and nonfiction articles we never have time for, to research things your child is interested in, and to pursue some different activities and opportunities. 
We are so fortunate that at this time in education, resources on the internet are seemingly endless.  We have sorted through some of them for you and organized them in a way that we hope is useful to you. 
If you discover a site that you would like to share with the rest of our community, please forward it to Beth Engstrom at and she’ll be happy to add it!
Physical Education
Social Emotional
Social Emotional
K - 2nd
3rd - 5th
6th - 8th
Virtual Field Trip
Virtual Field Trips
Story Time
Story Time
Computer science/Coding
Computer Science and Coding