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Third Grade

3rd Highlights

Scripps Ocean Partnership: Learning about Wetlands

Students explore the habitat’s animals and ecosystem through two field study opportunities to the San Dieguito River Park/Bird Wing Classroom and the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy.

Columbia Teachers College: Dedicated to Writing

Following the course of study from the Teachers College at Columbia University, children create pieces in many genres: personal narrative, informational/expository, literary essay, poetry, realistic fiction, opinion/persuasive writing, adapted fairy tales and research reports.  At year-end, each student receives a bound anthology of his/her published writing to share with family and friends and keep for years to come.

Field Study: Local Historians

Students examine the roots of the Rancho Santa Fe community and journey to Old Town to learn about the many past influences contributing to San Diego County as we know it today.

Philanthropy: Community Outreach

Third-graders organize and execute district-wide “special-gram” campaigns; the students use proceeds from their efforts to purchase books, toys and games and deliver these goods to hospitals throughout the year.

Shannon Klaus
Shannon Klaus, Third Grade Teacher
Janel Maud
Janel Maud, Third Grade Teacher