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Our Mission

A Message from the Governing Board

Your Board of Education seeks to maintain a school system that is academically sound, intellectually stimulating and fiscally responsible. We realize that change is needed to meet new demands if today’s children are to be prepared to meet their future responsibilities as community leaders. This kind of preparation does not occur accidentally; education is not a haphazard process. It takes planning, follow-through and evaluation, steps in which we are constantly involved. But it also takes support, and we believe that an informed public is a supportive public. Children remain our most precious resource and if they are to meet successfully the challenges placed before them, they will need both knowledge and many skills. They will also need confidence, strong basic values, a realistic sense of individual worth and a belief in personal responsibility. As adults, our task is to prepare them, providing in the home, in the school, and in the community a strong foundation on which they can build. We can help by guiding them, listening to them, encouraging them, believing in them-and expecting much of them.